Island Venues

Member Shows On Mercer Island

Please make a point to visit these shows and thank the businesses who support our artists.

Mercer Island Family Eye Care                        Nancy Abel

Hair Excel                                                             Jim Carlson

Mercer Island Library                                        Nancy Abel

Able Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine        Jim Carlson

MI Chamber of Commerce                                Wanda Hughes, Nora Lenz

Members are invited to show their 2D and 3D work in Mercer Island local businesses. Shows rotate and run about two months. We have big venues that accommodate 12-20 pieces as well as smaller venues which take 2-3. You can also team up with another member to show work together. It’s good exposure while you also get involved in our community. Displayed art should be for sale. MIVAL takes a 15% commission and the artist gets 85%. Venues do not take a commission.

If you would like to show your work in one of our venues, contact Ken at